A 22-year-old female student was rescued from the Huron River yesterday around 2 p.m. after she was unable to make her way across, reported University Police.

Department of Public Safety Spokeswoman Diane Brown said the student attempted to swim across the Huron River and got partly across when she realized she was unable to keep going. She latched on to a tree branch in the middle of the river for safety.

Brown said it was unclear as to why the student chose to swim across the river in the first place.

According to the Ann Arbor Fire Department press release, firefighters used water rescue suits and ropes to retrieve the 22-year-old from the river. After being evaluated by a paramedic, she chose not to go to the hospital and sustained no major injuries.

The incident occurred in the north area of Nichol’s Arboretum, off of Nichols Drive, where the river is off-limits to swimmers. Many people were in the area to witness the scene.

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