Hailing from the outskirts of New York, The Felice Brothers, a folk-rock band with an authentically dreamy soundscape, will be wooing Ann Arbor with their Americana presence this Wednesday at the Blind Pig. The following is the full transcript of the Daily Arts e-mail interview with bassist Christmas (just Christmas, no surname).

The Michigan Daily: Hey Felice Brothers, where are you guys right now?

Christmas: Hey University of Michigan. I am in a club in Chicago. I am sitting on a leather couch. What are you up to?

TMD: How did your band come together in 2006? Did it start with you, Ian and James?

Christmas: No. It started with Ian, James and their brother Simone. Although I joined very shortly after.

TMD: Congrats on your fourth LP. What do you hope people feel when listening to your music, particularly Celebration, Florida?

Christmas: I hope people feel like they are in an enchanted garden watching magical fawns drink from a river of Merlot. Either that or maybe walking through the Poughkeepsie galleria with their one true love in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.

TMD: The latest album seems to be a bit of a take-off full of gorgeous havoc. How do you feel about it in comparison to what you have produced previously?

Christmas: I think it’s sick. It’s very colorful. Very vibrant. It probably has more colors than the previous records. It’s definitely more vibrant.

TMD: What’s your live show like? Do you love the ephemeral quality or are there downsides? And how great was Coachella 2011 for you guys?

Christmas: I enjoy touring. It has its downsides, but what doesn’t have downsides? It’s like anything else basically. Our live show has a lot of expression. We tend to express ourselves. Coachella was fun I guess. We got pretty jazzy. We unfortunately played at the same time as Animal Collective so I guess most people watched them instead.

TMD: Your songs have a lot of seemingly honest narratives about characters. Are all of you writing songs about what you see and experience? If not, who writes predominantly?

Christmas: Ian writes most of the songs. I just asked Ian, he said yes he does write songs about what he sees and experiences.

TMD: Does the snowy R.V., snow-peaking-through photograph embody you well as a group?
The addressed photograph can be seen above.

Christmas: Yes.

TMD: What are you listening to currently? Where do you continue to get musical inspiration?

Christmas: I haven’t really been listening to much except for the Neil Young song “Razor Love” and the Miles Davis song “Little Church.” That’s about it.

TMD: Have you ever been to Ann Arbor? Are you excited to play at the Blind Pig on May 11th?

Christmas: I have never been to Ann Arbor. I am pretty psyched to play the Blind Pig. It has a great name.

TMD: What was the last movie you saw? Would you recommend it?

Christmas: I saw thirty minutes of Rain Man last night. Tom Cruise was kinda mean to Dustin Hoffman. I guess I would recommend it.

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