As one of Domminac Ingerson”s many talents, he releases his rough life experiences through his own form of creative expression rap lyrics. This lyrical thesis was printed in a basketball program at Santa Barbara High School during Ingerson”s junior year.

I grew up in the O/Where you gotta go trap a 44/Or yo” kids won”t grow.

Where the only way of living is selling the snow/Had no food in my refrigerator/Never had a pager/Plus we saw the minimum of wager

Times were hard/Sometimes I feel emotionally scarred/But where I lived/Nobody had a backyard

I done been through what you seen on TV/Gun shot wounds to children”s chest/I thought it was the way it was supposed to be/But now I”m here in S.B./I thank God he set me free

I”m on the other side of da road where the sun shines.

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