Tia Cibani’s previous collections have been lauded for their simplicity and easy elegance, but Cibani amplified her usual aesthetic for spring, using candy colors and abstract headpieces as complements to the outfits.

Cibani’s prior work hasn’t been particularly innovative, but this time around she wowed. Each piece in the collection began with the same basic structure of a stovepipe-shaped dress; through layers of fabrics, colors and necklaces, the ensembles took on a level of depth that yielded significant artistic value.

One such piece was a plum-colored dress made of pleated layers, starting sheer at the top and progressing to a satin bottom. A similarly hued jacket topped the dress, showcasing Cibani’s trademark silhouette of a rounded shoulder. Another interesting aspect of the collection was a novel use of the fringe; the trimmings were made of satin and layered over contrasting hues of burnt orange. The best representation of this aesthetic was a copper-colored dress overlaid with chocolate brown fringe and accessorized with wooden jewelry, a look similar to what Cibani used in her previous fall collection.

Cibani’s maturation as a designer was evident in the cohesiveness of this collection. Each look is built on the story of a city girl losing herself to nature, in addition to many Native American influences.

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