For Erin Fetherston, New York Fashion Week meant taking risks with her Spring 2009 collection. Experimenting with pastels and ocean-toned colors, the California native seems to be influenced by her home state’s sunlight and water. A former student of France’s Parsons School of Design, she’s created a collection also resembling the chic sophistication of a Parisian-inspired ball.

Fetherston’s collection was bold without using bright or loud colors and was composed of loose-fitting clothes that had an ethereal feminine quality. Two pieces contained a silky pattern of yellow and white, but Fetherston painted the rest of the collection from a palette of faded pinks, blues and yellows combined in a tie-dyed, ruffled form. Puffy, floral-shaped gown bottoms and sequined garments enhanced the whimsical look. Transparent pants had dramatically wide flared legs and multiple cuts on some of the looks created a layering effect.

Even the smallest accessories, like Fetherston’s thick cloth headbands, made a statement. This subtle touch is reminiscent of both her Fall and Spring 2008 collections. Fetherston has proven herself a skillful designer as this simple trademark has transcended the varying styles of her collections.

“I think the ultimate luxury in fashion is to be yourself, to celebrate your personality,” Fetherston said in an interview with the Style Network. The magical look of this collection may just be her biggest celebration yet.

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