Exploring cinematic styles, thrift stores, student design and more.

Adaptations from the silver screen

A side by side comparison of this year’s fashion issue’s photographs and the films that inspired them.

Student models balance high demands of fashion and academic worlds

As 3 a.m. approaches, the dim street glows with the fluorescent spotlight under which LSA junior Dana Pennington waits. Ankles aching and arms straining to fend off the invasive winter air, she listens for the next call.

Amateur designers spin passion into reality at the ‘U’

Trash bags packed with fluffy wool are crammed beneath the bed. Jars of fabric dye line the sink. Handmade headbands dangle brilliantly from a reading lamp. It may not be a layout worthy of an HGTV special, but for Pittinos, it doesn’t need to be: Ever since she started making yarn, her bedroom doubles as a makeshift yarn workshop, a place where raw materials stand beside twin beds and spinning supplies outnumber textbooks.

Finding snazzy second-hand styles around Ann Arbor

It’s not hard to find cool clothes in Ann Arbor. Minimalist patriots can go spend $20 on a tri-blend tee at American Apparel. Young’uns who prefer vintage-inspired garb can grab their favorite crochet tank at Urban Outfitters. But a substantial chunk of Ann Arborites actually buy real vintage clothing.

Student-run fashion blogs appreciate, discuss ‘U’ style

For students with lectures, exams, papers and a host of other time-sucking activities, where should fashion rate on the importance scale? Should personal appearance be an issue worth worrying about?

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