Re-imagining famous paintings with today’s clothing and exploring the bond between form and function in fashion.

Our photos and the art that inspired us

A side by side comparison of this year’s fashion issue’s photographs and the works of art they are modeled after.

When couture conflicts with context

Accessibility isn’t high fashion’s way of pandering to the masses. It’s the only way we can view an article of clothing: by seeing it as an extension of ourselves. That’s where fashion makes the pilgrimage from museum piece into style.

Staging fashion with costume design

The costume designer’s role is to support the story on stage through dress and color. Combining considerations of period and character, designers use fashion to construct a world on stage. And, if the costumes are successful, the audience can be transported to that world too.

Laying out clothing on the printed page

Though we may flip through a magazine and enjoy looking at the photos adorned with gorgeous models in equally gorgeous clothing, we can’t fully appreciate a publication without an understanding of how much work and effort goes into every detail of every page.

Do it yourself and make it your own

Now, I’m not really artistic. However, there is something to be said for actually making your own stuff — if you want something done right, do it yourself..

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