As you have probably guessed, this column isn’t about Beyoncé. However, it is about her newly married sister, Solange. She’s infamous (to me, anyway) for her role in “Johnson’s Family Vacation” (an underrated classic), and infamous to the world for her elevator brawl with Jay Z. Solange has never fully existed outside of her sister’s omnipresent shadow.

However, on Nov. 17, coming out of nowhere for the masses of people who don’t quite have Solange on their radar, she married her longtime love Alan Ferguson. And she looked #flawless. Simply choosing to ignore the old-school tradition of the bride only wearing white, Solange’s entire wedding party donned the color. However, not even Bey could take away the spotlight from Sol. Dressed in a fully caped gown from Humberto Leon by Kenzo, paired with gold cuffs, she looked nothing short of regal and high fashion.

Her nuptials reflect a trend in weddings as of late, a reinvention of the big, chaotic types we are used to seeing. A wedding event that is low key and more intimate is starting to make a comeback. Now, forget about the anomalies. Kim Kardashian’s outrageous (third) wedding that sprawled nearly all of Europe, George Clooney’s “go big or go home” mentality with (my girl crush) Amal, the $34 million Royal Wedding (seriously, $34 million on a wedding and Prince William is still balding?).

Whether you chalk it up to saving money, people getting married at an older age, the economy, Ebola, whatever, I am fully supportive of this trend. There is less pressure on the bride to be perfect and less pressure on the groom to do any legitimate work. I mean, you’ve seen the great “Sex and the City” wedding walkout; the “Friends” episode wedding panic that Chandler had to endure. Poor Lady Edith was left at the altar by a man twice her age in “Downton Abbey.” Kim Kardashian’s (second) wedding was insane and her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted a cool 72 days.

Small weddings are back, Sol is the new queen and just remember, it is the Tumblrs of teenage girls around the globe that dictate the world.

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