Unless you’ve been living under an enormous rock or have gotten your TV, internet and magazine subscriptions taken away simultaneously, then you have undoubtedly noticed the new trend to grace each and every one of the red carpets this past season. No, I am not referring to ear cuffs, or orange being the new black. Instead, it’s something that is usually only seen on shows like Game of Thrones: the man bun.

Oh, the man bun. Weird? Creepy? Hot? Sexy? Well, it depends. For a while now, facial hair has crawled its way back into modern society; men are showing more and more scruff, yet the man bun — this is a different animal entirely. In a somewhat mullet-esque fashion, the man bun is all business in the front and party in the back. The most puzzling part? Man buns are no longer just for the hippie yoga instructor who doesn’t believe in cutting his hair, or using deodorant for that matter. Celebrity men of all types are bringing this hairstyle into the mainstream, and to be honest, I am all for it. I know, I know, there may be some of you who detest the man bun (I mean, have you seen Leonardo Dicaprio’s?) And to that I say, not every can pull it off.

It takes a certain type of man. A guy with style: Orlando Bloom. A guy with mystery: Joaquin Phoenix. A guy with strength: Chris Hemsworth. A man with features that distract you from the bun: Jared Leto.

So unless you’re planning on pulling a Cary Fukunaga and shocking the world, think twice before emulating the stars and growing in that man bun.

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