In light of the news that HRH Kate Middleton and Prince William will be visiting New York City next month, it is only fitting to discuss the enigma that is the royal family. It’s so puzzling to me that I, as a proud citizen of this glorious democracy, am just one of the millions of Americans who are oh so very emotionally invested in everything regarding the royals. Come on, don’t act like you didn’t wake up at 4 a.m. to see the former commoner Kate Middleton walk into Westminster Abbey (followed closely by Pippa’s infamous derrière) only to exit as the future queen of England. We all know it happened, so don’t deny it.

There is no question that the royal family became the trending topic after Kate Middleton quite literally lived out every girl’s dream and became a princess — from (upper middle class) rags to riches, they say. But can you blame us? She is perfection. Her hair is always on point and she is basically Sarah Burton’s personal Barbie to dress. And last year she added the most in-demand accessory to her person: Prince George (take that North).

It’s not like the royal family does much. Kate has some charities she’s involved in, William is very “militaristic,” Harry likes to play a game of pool while naked in Las Vegas and the Queen is a sweet, old grandma who likes to shower her family with money and presents — how is this different from any typical American family, really?

I don’t have a problem with my royal obsession, in fact, I embrace it. So should you; don’t be ashamed to be emotionally invested in the lives of the (filthy) rich and fabulous. And yes, while American “royalty” does also exist, it is just not the same, which is why I am currently plotting on how to join Kate across the pond in Buckingham Palace since Prince Harry has a full head of hair and is single.

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