Well, the start of this year would have been undeniably boring in the entertainment realm if the great Bulge-Gate of 2015 hadn’t swooped in and given us something to ponder for a solid week.

Apart from his various noise complaints and speeding incidents, Justin Bieber has been slowly phased out by the likes of other teen sensations such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. So, in an attempt to appeal to older audiences and people in general, Bieber is featured in a campaign for the newest Calvin Klein underwear line as a very well-endowed model — or so it may appear.

People called bullshit on the spread right away. Think about it — while he has been working out more and is older, (have you seen the thin mustache that took him a year to grow, people?) it wasn’t long ago that Bieber looked and sounded like a prepubescent girl. To add fuel to the already scorching fire, once .gifs of Bieber’s alleged “before” — a.k.a. un-Photoshopped — photos were released, the Internet went rampant.

Bieber’s people have been sticking to the story that there was no Photoshop fail. Even his personal trainer, presumably an expert on these matters (okay…), came to his defense. So who should we believe?

This Photoshop scandal brings to light the entire concept of retouching and Photoshopping models and celebrities in ad campaigns, movies, magazine covers etc. I know girls on my Instagram feed, regular students like us, who clearly Photoshop their pictures. But why? First of all, it takes way too much time, and secondly, people definitely notice when you look like a different person on social media than you do in person. But that’s beside the point. Society has placed unattainable norms on men and women. Women are supposed to be skinny but curvy, with perfect hair and makeup all the time. And men are supposed to be fit and muscular and well endowed in the ‘bulge’ department. While I’m not defending Justin Bieber, since his scandal gave me ample entertainment (and something to write about), the high standards need to end and, hopefully, the Photoshopping will stop with it.

In light of all this, Selena Gomez, Bieber’s on-again, off-again girlfriend/flame/stalker (why?) took to Instagram during the scandal, no doubt to try and get some of the attention back to her. In posting what people deem as a “cheeky” photo during what looks like a sad yoga sesh for one in a tropical paradise, she has given her cryptic stance on the scandal at hand … move on, Selena.

This is the evidence thus far. But will we ever know? Was it stuffed? Enhanced? Photoshopped? Perhaps we will know soon; as his career continues to plunge, I am sure a miracle, in the form of a sex tape, is in his imminent future. Maybe that’s why Selena’s doing all that yoga?

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