Did I miss something? Was there a Creed cloning sometime in the last year that happened to pass me by? I”m not sure how Canadian “rockers” Default got away with sounding exactly like Creed, but when first listening to Creed frontman Scott Stapp followed by the vocals of Default”s Dallas Smith (stage name much?), dj vu is the only appropriate feeling that ensues.

Paul Wong
One for the road<br><br>Peter Cunniffe

The Fallout, Default”s debut album, is pretty much a mistake from the beginning. The CD opens up with “Sick & Tired,” a typical modern rock anthem devoted to being ” sick and tired of those lies you tell me/you say those same things to me over and over and over.” Yeah, over and over and over pretty much describes the rest of the CD. “Seize the Day” and “Slow Me Down,” two of the harder tracks on the album, are angst ridden ballads, gripping the audience with the revelations that it”s Default”s turn to “seize the day” and that “you can”t hold me down.” Man, those two years that Default has been around, they have been so oppressed.

Perhaps Default should stick with the slower, radio-friendly tunes. Their first single off the album, “Wasting My Time” (note the irony) has a slow tempo and not quite the same subject matter. It may even result in the occasional foot tapping, or even perhaps a verse sung aloud, but that”s about it, for the song and the album.

Grade: D+

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