University of Michigan

Male – 41%

Female – 40%

None listed – 19%

Columbia University

Male – 30%

Female – 39%

None listed – 31%

Winner: Columbia

With more students with unlisted sexes than declared men on Facebook, Columbia has a leg up on renouncing traditional gender labels.

Relationship status:

University of Michigan

None Listed – 38%

Single – 27%

In a Relationship 21%


None Listed – 57%

Single – 15%

In a Relationship 15%

Winner: Michigan

Harvard students might be more discreet in disclosing their romantic activity, but honestly is still the best policy. Besides, what’s the point of News Feed if not to inform you of the exact moment your Facebook friends had their hearts shattered?

Top movies:

University of Michigan

1. “Wedding Crashers”

2. “Anchorman”

3. “Little Miss Sunshine”

4. “Fight Club”

5. “Old School”

6. “Office Space”

7. “The Notebook”

8. “Gladiator”

9. “Love Actually”

10. “Crash”


1. “Amelie”

2. “Lord Of The Rings”

3. “The Princess Bride”

4. “Office Space”

5. “Little Miss Sunshine”

6. “Garden State”

7. “Fight Club”

8. “Braveheart”

9. “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”

10. “Good Will Hunting”

Winner: Yale

Yale gets points for having a foreign film at number 1, while Michigan is far too fond of Will Ferrell. But Yale still needs to realize it can’t hide behind wholesome cult classics forever. When was the last time you watched “The Princess Bride,” anyway?

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