While many University undergrads struggle to decide which major they’ll choose, 2,024 share the same one.

That’s the number of undergraduate students majoring in psychology, the University’s most popular undergraduate concentration, according to University spokeswoman Maryanne George.

That means psychology majors comprise about 8 percent of the University’s undergraduate students.

Chances are, you know a few psych majors. And they know you too – or at least they think they do.

In a survey of this year’s class of first-year students, taken at freshman orientation, 950 students said they were interested in psychology – more than than in any other major. Biology came in second with 925 students and economics followed with 805 students.

Students attracted to the science-oriented aspects of the concentration can choose between two more specific majors: Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science or Neuroscience.

Of the interdisciplinary studies, 434 students chose Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science, while 112 said they were interested in Neuroscience. The remaining 1,133 students, though, simply chose Psychology.

Despite the large number of students choosing to major in psychology, Psychology Prof. John Hagen said the department allows students to personalize the experience.

“The department makes the effort to have different opportunities for students,” he said. “We have lots of lab courses, independent studies, research courses, and we have the outreach program.”

The outreach program Hagen described is the Michigan Association of Psychology Scholars, which was created in 2005. The program pairs graduate student mentors with undergraduate students to promote networking within the department.

The University has offered psychology classes since 1852. The official psychology department was created in 1910.

Psychology students can also join the University’s chapter of Psi Chi, a national honor society that has the largest membership of any psychological organization in the world.

The department’s website claims the University’s undergraduate psychology department is the largest in the nation in terms of faculty. Altogether, 160 faculty members are associated with the department.

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