Over the past two years, Pizza House has earned top honors in The Michigan Daily “Best of Ann Arbor” Poll for their extensive variety of delectable pizzas, entrees and munchies. Since its humble beginning in 1985, Pizza House has flourished into something of a take-out, delivery and dining-in Mecca, with an immaculate menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, chipatis, desserts and, of course, pizza to satisfy any craving. As this school year comes to a close and the votes have been cast for all that which is great in Ann Arbor, it is no surprise that for a third-consecutive year, Pizza House has proven to be a favorite dining and delivery establishment among Michigan Daily readers.

Paul Wong
Pizza House, located on Church Street, has been a campus favorite for years.<br><br>BRANDON SEDLOFF/Daily

Whether you feel like dining-in or carrying-out, a Pizza House appetizer or salad can complement a main course or be a meal in itself. Their many appetizer selections range from standard fare, like chicken fingers, buffalo wings and onion rings, to more unique treats, such as their mini-pizzas, pepperoni stix and highly-acclaimed three cheese nachos. If you fancy a salad, they offer over ten different varieties, from antipasto to taco salad.

When it comes time for the main course, Pizza House serves up a wide variety of fantastic sandwiches, submarines and savory pasta entrees to pleasure any palate. You can order cold and hot sandwiches and subs alike, with top-sellers being the chicken parmesan sub, Georgia reuben and Italian sub. Their Big as a House Burger certainly lives up to its name a half pound of beef and a plethora of toppings to choose from give this burger legendary status. Since this is Ann Arbor, Pizza House has not forgotten the vegetarian diner a Big as a House Burger can be made with a black bean patty on request. As for their delightful pasta selections, they offer everything from ravioli and spaghetti to lasagna and fettuccini alfredo, providing a taste of Italy right here in Ann Arbor.

When it comes to chipatis, Pizza House proves that no one does it better, with a wide array of dressings and toppings to complement this unique salad-bread hybrid. The Original Chipati is the most popular of the chipati family however, the chicken ceaser, steamed vegetable and chicken ranch chipatis, as well as the spinach-version, the Chipopeye, are not to be forgotten. To complete the masterpiece that is chipati, a spicy, yet creamy Pizza House original chipati sauce or your choice of a salad dressing accompanies the goods.

Pizza House serves up a mean pizza, hence the name. The choices are endless, as they offer a traditional or thin crust pizza, as well as their famous Chicago Deep Dish or Stuffed Pizza. Their specialty pizzas will solve any problems of having to choose toppings they feature many interesting and unique varieties, such as the chicken alfredo, seafood, chicken salsa, salad pizza and Southwestern BBQ pizzas. These specialty pizzas, along with calzones, pizza pockets and matzo pizzas are offered for those looking to liven up their dining experience.

Saving room for dessert is a must at Pizza House. Regardless of your tastes, they have a tempting treat to satisfy any sweet tooth. The Snickers Pie and New York Cheesecake are House Specials, and their more than 20 flavors of shakes and malts are fantastically mind-boggling. For the more upscale diners, a scrumptious tiramisu is also offered. Heavenly.

Convenience is key for the Pizza House customer. All these dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurant or in your home. Pizza House has over 40 drivers on staff, which means that fabulous food is only a phone call away. Also, Pizza House is open from 10:30 a.m. until 4:00 a.m., seven days a week, for both dining in and delivery. Therefore, there are only 45.5 hours a week when you cannot reach the Pizza House crew.

If you find yourself hungry after reading this, give the folks down at Pizza House a call or stop in to experience some great food and service for yourself.

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