The Michigan Daily discovered in November 2004 that several articles written by arts editor Alex Wolsky did not meet the newspaper’s standard of ethical journalism. Parts of these stories had been plagiarized from other news sources. Although the article below has not been found to contain plagiarism, the Daily no longer stands by its content. For details, see the Daily’s editorial.

Be prepared to turn your volume knobs up – the Exploding Hearts’ debut has finally hit shelves. Because in all honesty, “misdemeanor” volume levels are necessary to understand the reckless fury with which the Hearts will attack. Writing some of the most addicting hooks since the New Pornographers, songs like “I’m a Pretender,” and the album’s peak, “Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades,” solidify the Hearts as the modern day incarnation of the Buzzcocks. This album charges through, and if you give the Exploding Hearts just thirty minutes of your time, they’re guaranteed to make you a believer in all that is great about rock and roll: the rawness of the guitars, the hardly melodic, that rarely sweet vocal delivery, and even the Sex Pistols’ wardrobe to boot. And while one may be driven to drop them off as a second-rate knock-off of the aforementioned punk greats, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to acknowledge that these guys are at least doing it now and they’re doing better than anyone else.

Rating: Four stars.

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