Finding a comfortable place to browse Facebook in a dorm room can be tough. Without wireless Internet available in most residence halls, using the Internet means struggling to stay plugged in.

This isn’t a concern in the recently renovated Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall, which is completely wireless. And once Stockwell Hall and North Quad open they will also be equipped with wireless — but what about the rest of the dorms?

Peter Logan, University Housing spokesman, said one of the major challenges for installing wireless in dorms is funding.

Logan said that University Housing is a self-sustaining unit with basic revenue that comes from student room and board rates. As a result, Housing has to prioritize plumbing and electrical improvements and heating and roofing repairs over installing wireless.

“University Housing recognizes wireless is important but it’s expensive,“ Logan said.

He added that it can cost several thousands of dollars to install wireless access points throughout an entire residence hall, especially in dorms like West Quad and East Quad with complicated hallways.

“The larger and more complex the building, the more it costs to run wiring for the wireless access points,” Logan said. “In some halls, existing conduit may work, in others there have to be new wiring channels constructed.”

But the renovations of Mosher-Jordan and Stockwell required entire sections of walls to be taken down, making it easy to install wireless as part of the reconstruction.

Though it’s expensive, Logan said Housing officials are looking to add wireless to certain locations in the residence halls. To help prioritize prime wireless spots, Housing is working with an advisory group within the Residence Halls Association. This advisory group suggested that Housing officials should focus first on installing wireless on North Campus.

As of right now, one wing of Bursley Hall is equipped with wireless, and by the end of the academic year, a second wing will be equipped, which will constitute half of the residence hall.

Housing officials and RHA are also working on installing wireless in chief study areas in the dorms.

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