Every residence hall room comes furnished with a bed, a dresser, a desk and a variety of other necessities for living comfortably. But why is every student who lives in the University’s residence halls required to get the mean plan?

University Housing Spokesman Peter Logan said the main reason the requirement exists is because students don’t have the means to cook in their rooms.

“It would not be safe for students to cook in their rooms,” he said. “It would be an incredible fire hazard. Unless residence halls have that kind of kitchen capability, it’s very difficult to allow students to store and prepare foods safely.”

But Logan said there are also less practical reasons for requiring students to have a meal plan.

“We believe very much that dining in the residence halls is a part of the community experience — part of the university and living experience at Michigan,” he said.

Logan added that eating in the dining halls is a good way for students to meet and get to know one another.

“Socially, the dining halls are part of the community experience that helps residential students build friendships and become more engaged in the campus environment,” he said.

Logan said he thinks the quality of food offered in the dining halls is worth the price of meal plans. Prices for plans range from $2,245 per semester for the unlimited plus plan to $1,685 per semester for the least expensive plans.

“Nutritionally, our dining halls follow the highest standards of quality in foods and preparation,” he said. “Our chefs and dietitians create menus that provide the nutritional value that students need, more so than many students will prepare or purchase themselves.”

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