After educating students on the importance of emergency medical
care, the second-annual Emergency Medical Services Week ended
yesterday with a concert to benefit Washtenaw County’s
chapter of the American Red Cross. This week’s events,
sponsored by the University’s Emergency Medical Response
Organization, were a part of the National Collegiate Medical
Services Week.

Kate Green
Chris Konkle of Jeda Red from Flint sings at the Michigan Union last night as part of the second-annual Emergency Medical Services Week.

“We are a new organization; last year was our first on
campus,” said Duna Raoof, EMRO president and LSA junior.
“We wanted to include as many people as possible with our EMS
Week activities to show the community what we do and to raise
awareness about emergency medicine.”

Closing the week’s events, local bands Arizing, DeNovo,
Jettared and Tallyhall played last night in the Michigan
Union’s Pendleton Room to benefit the American Red Cross.

“Its nice to see a concert while supporting the Red Cross,
” said LSA freshman Christina Perez.

LSA freshman Nicole Kassab, who donated $15 to the American Red
Cross, said she came to the concert after seeing it advertised on a
flier. “I wanted to support EMRO,” said Kassab.
“And I really wanted to see Arizing.”

Monday’s Diag Health Fair, during which 500 make-your-own
First Aid kits were assembled, kicked off the activities.

“We gave away First Aid kits, (University Health Services)
brochures and provided pamphlets with important health information
and emergency phone numbers. It was nice to see that so many people
care about others and want to benefit the community.”

EMRO also hosted a Basic Health Tests Clinic at the Union Monday
afternoon. “Trainers from Bally’s (Fitness Center)
helped students to measure their body mass indexes and blood
pressures,” Raoof said. “We discussed the correlation
between these figures and the risk of obesity and heart disease.
Our focus is emergency medicine, but preventative health care is
just as important.”

The group also offered free CPR training yesterday in the

“We had a really good turnout for the adult CPR
courses,” Raoof said. “We had two courses of 12 people

Although the EMS Week’s events were financed by the
Michigan Student Assembly and LSA Student Government, members of
EMRO raised money to purchase the First Aid kits.

“Our 120 members are all U of M undergraduates,”
Raoof said. “We bought the materials for the First Aid kits
with our membership fees. We hope to make up the money later with
bake sales and Yost (Ice Arena) clean-ups.”

Amanda McMillan, who coordinated this week’s events, said
she thought the program provided important information to the
campus community.

“This week’s events showcased emergency
medicine,” said Amanda McMillan, LSA and Art and Design
senior. “Most people don’t think about what EMTs do and
what really happens in an ambulance.”

EMRO members volunteer as Professional Rescuers at Michigan
hockey, football and basketball games through the Red Cross’s
First Aid Support Team. Some of the funds raised this week will be
used to support this program.

“We offer First Aid, and CPR if necessary, at home
games,” Raoof said. “We do a lot of work at early
football games when the weather is really hot. A lot of fans pass









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