Michigan Theater’s antiqued walls resounded with the anticipatory energy of X chromosomes on May 16 as “Dead Reckoning,” the 11th novel of Charlaine Harris’ “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” (Sookie Stackhouse) series, was tightly gripped in the hands of most audience members. After a brief introduction, Harris took the stage with a gracious, warm smile and wave at her supportive Sookie fans.

Harris’ Southern accent added to her motherly charm as she spoke briefly about how she got to where she is today. She mentioned that she was pleasantly surprised to be here in the beautiful Ann Arbor theater because three years prior, her mystery career hadn’t been going quite as well. Let’s just say there wasn’t yet a hit television drama licking the face of HBO with its viciously tasteful blood.

Low-key Harris admitted that she loves the red carpet but what she loves even more is to come home to her normal life of taking the dogs in and out every day and sitting down to write more pages that will continue “True Blood” along its successfully vampiric path.

The New York Times bestselling author graciously asked that nobody spoil the latest Stackhouse novel “Dead Reckoning” for those who haven’t read it yet, and the question and answer portion of the brief evening program commenced.

The first daring fan asked what everyone was curious about — what is going to happen to Sookie in the end of the series (which Harris admitted had only two more novels to go, tallying a total of 13). Earnest Harris responded with, “I don’t believe in 100% happiness but I do want to do right by Sookie.” An audible “Aww” immediately ensued.

The women of Michigan, full of love for romance, mystery, explicit sex scenes and vampires, had loads of questions for Harris. Another interesting query asked how much involvement she has in the “True Blood” television series and how she feels about it. Harris explained that her part is simply the source material and getting her name on the screen. She said that the writers of the TV adaptation (led by creator and producer Alan Ball) go off on their own tangents, but are consistently and utterly respectful of the books.

Harris said that she’s been living with these characters in her head for so long that they are clear but she still hopes that, on a subconscious level, seeing “True Blood” hasn’t influenced her writing.

A question and response that offered the fans much nodding and laughter was: “Did you bring Alexander Skarsgard with you?” Harris replied, “He didn’t fit in my suitcase.”

Skarsgard is the Swedish eye candy who plays a leading role in “True Blood” as character Eric Northman, one of Sookie’s many love interests.

Speaking of love interests, another question for Harris was which one of Sookie’s lovers was her personal favorite. She couldn’t give a singular answer because she likes them all — “I only invent men that have something appealing to me,” Harris said.

An older woman in the audience called Harris’ books “therapeutic” because Sookie is a strong woman who does her best through all the bad outside influences around her. This was followed up by an inquiry for advice on following one’s dream and she answered simply and honestly with: “Do your best consistently and good things will happen.”

Harris doesn’t let her serious wisdom get in the way of a little humor. She mentioned that if Sookie’s grandfather enters the TV series, David Bowie would be perfect for the part.

A mother who is a big fan of the series asked if Harris would ever write books for 8-year-olds (her little one grew green with envy as she saw her mom get so giddy over these books). Harris said that she is “Just not called to do that.” Looks as if she has too much fun with the bloody sex scenes.

When frowns appeared when Harris let out that there were only two more novels of the Stackhouse series to come, she replied with a witty remark that no one could intelligently disagree with: “I believe in walking away while it’s good.”

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