Even though they are still searching for their first win, the Michigan basketball players have not lost their confidence.

It has been a rough start for the Wolverines, who must think that they were star-crossed before the season even started. One of coach Tommy Amaker’s incoming freshmen, Amadou Ba, was a partial qualifier and is redshirting this season. The 6-foot-10, 250-pound center could have helped Michigan in the post, where the Wolverines have been dominated by the likes of Virginia Tech’s Terry Taylor and, most recently, Central Michigan’s Chris Kaman.

Last week, backup point guard Avery Queen was dismissed from the team. The loss of the junior leaves Michigan with two freshmen, Daniel Horton and Sherrod Harrell, to run the point. Michigan also announced that Dommanic Ingerson is transferring. All of this has come after Michigan’s self-imposed sanctions because of the Ed Martin situation.

Though the odds seem stacked against them, the Wolverines have remained confident that things will get better.

“Definitely our confidence is still there,” forward Bernard Robinson said. “It is only one or two things wrong that is causing all these (losses). If we can find these things and fine tune them, a lot of these would be wins. (We are) one or two plays, maybe five possessions away from winning these games. So we are going to have to fix them and be willing to work on them.”

In the last two losses, Michigan has been in the game in the final two minutes. After falling behind in the second half both times, the Wolverines fought tooth and nail to get back in the game in the waning moments. Tuesday, the Wolverines went on an 8-1 run at the end of the game against Central Michigan to bring the score to 81-79 with 22 seconds left in the game. And Saturday the Wolverines had a shot to win the game in the final seconds that rimmed out. On both occasions, Michigan was able to force steals and turnovers in the last two minutes and reach deep into its reservoir of energy.

“It kind of had that same feel because we were down and we had to do something to get back in the game,” Horton said. “I’m amazed because it seems like in the last minute, two minutes, we played harder than we played the whole game. Don’t get me wrong, we gave effort and played hard the whole game, but it seems like in the last two minutes of the last two games, we’ve dug deep and found some way to get back in the game.”

The Wolverines have remained confident in themselves and the team. Even though the beginning of the season has been rough, it has not soured their outlook.

“I’m not going to get down about it, because I know things are going to get better,” freshman Lester Abram said. “I don’t know when, but I have a feeling it is going to get better.”

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