Well, it seems that every three weeks, this column is reporting yet another celebrity couple divorce. Following the shock of Katy Perry and Russell Brand calling it quits right before the New Year, the celebrity divorce disaster continues, this time wreaking havoc on a celebrity couple previously thought invincible: Heidi Klum and Seal.

The “Kiss from a Rose” singer and the Victoria’s Secret model, wed in May 2005, released a joint statement confirming their separation on Jan. 22 to People, stating: “While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul-searching we have decided to separate.” The statement came after a weekend of rumors suggesting that their separation was impending.

While it sounds like the typical end of a Hollywood couple, what makes this divorce so different is the genuine love and respect Seal and Klum always appeared to have for each other. With a brood of four children — one that Seal adopted from Heidi’s previous relationship — the couple was often spotted on a ski trip in Aspen or lavishly costumed for their annual Halloween party. Their most notable tradition: renewing their vows every year in front of friends and family, often with a theme. All they ever shared were good words about each other and their relationship, making this divorce seem even more confusing.

Though Heidi has remained quiet about the separation (TMZ reported she’s interviewing divorce lawyers in L.A.), Seal has the unfortunate (or timely?) task of being featured on the talk show circuit as he promotes his newest album, Soul 2. Of course, the discussions have turned to analyzing their divorce, and Seal’s appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight did just that.

You may speculate that Seal is trying to play up his divorce to help promote his new album (I know I did). But watching Seal stutter and attempt to explain the reasons behind the separation as images of the couple in happier days faded dramatically on the screen behind him makes the situation seem very real, something different from most celebrity divorces. Still sporting his wedding ring, Seal explained he is still wearing it because he is “still married to this incredible woman” and that it stands for respect, loyalty, memories and “the four little miracles and Heidi, making five, that have come into my life these past eight years.” For a couple about to get divorced, Seal’s remarks are quite different from the usual bitterness between celeb exes. Even more saddening was his answer to Morgan’s question asking if they’ll reconcile, to which Seal answered solemnly, “Whether we get back together or not, it may happen. I can’t speak for her.”

While a celebrity divorce isn’t out of the ordinary, the difference with Klum and Seal’s separation is the amount of honesty Seal brings to the talk show table. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were only married for a few months, and the backlash of words they shared after deciding to go their separate ways hardly left anyone sympathetic. But Seal’s disbelief and utter confusion as to what went wrong sets their relationship apart from the rest of Hollywood.

Unlike many celebrity divorces, Klum and Seal didn’t have a public cheating scandal or a fabricated reality show break-up. Maybe the couple kept their problems behind closed doors, but Seal looked just as confused as the rest of us when talking to Piers Morgan. Seal and Klum’s divorce isn’t a scandal and it isn’t a tabloid headline: It’s something that unfortunately happens to couples every day. They both seemed to really love each other, but something along the way changed the foundation and strength of their relationship. Seal and Klum can be commended for having a relationship as a celebrity couple that was real and true, but unfortunately this comes with the real consequences of an ending that hurts.

And this isn’t to demean other celebrity relationships that have ended, because I’m sure those hurt as well. But the nature of how Seal and Klum interacted and talked about each other to the public showed more than any other couple how truly in love they were. This makes the separation they are going through even more painful to watch. We learned how much they loved each other these past eight years. Now, we can only hope these two who once seemed so invincible can work out their differences and reconcile. Seal still wears his ring, and Klum has yet to officially file for divorce. Maybe the supermodel and singer can again embody a genuine, lasting celebrity relationship rather than another Hollywood heartbreak.

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