To the Daily:

How naive is the Daily? In its impassioned complaints about the Taliban detainees (“Human Wrongs,”1/22/01), it misses the point that these monsters are dangerous terrorists. I feel really bad that we are inconveniencing them with so-called human rights violations. First of all, to have human rights, one has to be human, which I highly doubt these barbarians are.

These prisoners are shackled, bound and hooded because they have proven in the past to be extremely dangerous, obeying no law and respecting no authority. In Afghanistan, they attempted a prison uprising more than once. The American soldiers and guards should be protected against them, even if that does mean restricting the detainees movements.

As for housing them within the U.S.? Is the Daily insane? The security hazards of housing them anywhere besides their current prison are not worth moving them.

Guantanamo Bay is the perfect alternative. The detainees are being treated more fairly than they ever treated anyone. They are given clean clothes, mattresses and towels. They are given meals three times a day. They are not taken into full soccer stadiums where they are summarily executed with a gun shot to the back of the head.

Where do we draw the line of who gets human rights? These Taliban and al-Qaida detainees are the worst scum ever known to human kind. They kill without reason, having an impassioned hate for you and me. Their goal in life is to kill innocents, whether they be Afghani, American or Israeli.

They are without remorse and would rather die taking innocents with them. To grant them any luxuries that we associate with normal human rights would be a slap in the face of the memory of the Twin Towers.

So, I say to the Daily, Amnesty International and other misguided liberalites who feel they have to fight for the detainees” human rights, shut up. We don”t want to hear it we disagree with you we want these people to rot in hell.

Or at least in Cuba.

David Taub


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