This past Sunday, after several days of exhaustive research, I bought an iPod. It was a choice made by a bagillion people before me, about a bagillion of whom go to this university. But in making this purchase, I compromised a decision I had made several years ago never to buy an iPod, like a sturdy old farmer who would rather take his own life than buy a Dodge truck.

Sarah Royce

I suppose I am not quite like that guy who refuses to buy a Dodge – any Dodge – because I don’t have a beef with Apple as a company. In fact, I enjoyed quite a few hours during elementary school playing Oregon Trail, Lemonade Stand and Spell-a-vator on my old Apple IIe. Lessons from those green-screen masterpieces – if you don’t pace yourself heading West, you will get cholera and die – serve me well to this day. No, my beef wasn’t with all of Apple, just with the iPod and the whole A

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