As we practice democracy on this election day, we should consciously recognize how it should be improved. Due to the early October deadline for voter registration for today’s election, there are many unfortunate Michigan citizens who no longer have the opportunity to cast a ballot in today’s election. This registration date, which precedes the election by almost a full month, is binding and if the deadline is missed by even a single day there is no chance for voting in the upcoming election. Nonetheless, it is this period closest to election day when interest in candidates is greatest and most individuals become interested in voting.

Among suggested solutions to this problem is same-day voting registration. Same-day voter registration has been successful in states such as Minnesota. If permitted in Michigan, same-day voting registration would allow those persons with complications in their voting registration or late interest in the election, to vote. Same-day registration would serve to alleviate both the nation’s and the state’s perpetual problem of low voter turnout.

The establishment of a national holiday on election day would be another solution to this recurring problem. Focusing the entire day on only the election would make people more aware of the transpiring events as well as prevent common excuses, such as conflicting work hours, from obstructing voter turnout. Another policy that has hurt college students is the requirement that a voter’s driver’s license match that of their voting registration. Amending this law would support first-time voters take part in the democratic process.

Both same-day voting registration, and the creation of a national holiday on would encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote These two solutions support the democratic system and would be a beneficial change to the current voting law.

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