In last week’s “Wilfred,” Ryan (Elijah Wood) starts to feel used and abused by the people in his life after he meets a beautiful woman on the beach and forgoes spending time with her to pick up Jenna’s (Fiona Gumblemann) dry cleaning. He decides to do something for himself for a change and plans to move to Italy with her, despite his longtime crush on Jenna and Wilfred’s (Jason Gann) disapproval.


Season 1

While the show is never short on jokes, the overall themes of the episodes are starting to feel repetitive. In every episode, Ryan decides to do something that sounds like a good idea, Wilfred gets pissed, they fight and Ryan ends up succumbing. This episode feels similar to “Acceptance” with Wilfred’s anger at Ryan’s abandonment. However, unlike “Acceptance,” this episode lacked a big punch line with the gumption of Ed Helms and bestiality.

Recently “Wilfred” has taken on a more episodic format, but this episode revisited the relationship between Ryan, Jenna and Jenna’s fiancée as Jenna’s life and career undergo some big changes. A shift to serialized comedy could open some more opportunities for a changing relationship between Ryan and Wilfred, which is definitely needed, as the current formula is starting to feel stale.

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