“How I Met Your Mother” ’s autumn of breakups comes to a close with Robin and Nick’s unsurprising. In a moment of complete honesty, Barney releases Robin from her doomed relationship, and it’s obvious that he means every word.

How I Met Your Mother


Similar to Ted and Victoria’s breakup, Robin and Nick’s is handled smartly in accordance with the series’ end games.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily have hit a rough patch in their physical relationship after the birth of their son. In an overused gag, Lily hints at her unsatisfied sexual appetite by creating a sexual innuendo out of every conversation — it gets old quickly. In the absence of his customary sexual exercise and in an uninteresting subplot, Marshall joins a basketball team of lawyers.

Though the episode was muddled with a few inconsequential and boring subplots, it achieves its goal in typical “HIMYM” heartbreaking fashion.

The duo’s almost-kiss at the conclusion of the episode was an evil red herring for shippers, but solidified that it’s only a matter of time now before we arrive at Barney and Robin’s wedding, and it can’t come soon enough.

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