When watching Jim Carrey host “SNL,” it might come as a surprise to know that this was only his second gig at Studio 8H. Carrey fit in amazingly with the rest of the cast, keeping the show away from its usual pitfall — trying to make mediocre hosts funny and writing shoddy material when they fail. Instead, Carrey was featured in many sketches and committed completely each time. He didn’t hold back in his re-imagined portrayal of Mila Kunis’s Lily from “Black Swan,” showcasing his awkward and hilarious dancing.


Season 36
“Jim Carrey / The Black Keys”

Musical guests The Black Keys gave a solid, smooth performance, but they weren’t featured in any sketches and definitely didn’t have the incredible performance of Kanye. It’s always nice to see the musical guest do a little more, but The Black Keys can sing live and that’s all anyone can hope for.

On “Weekend Update,” Andy Samberg and Taran Killam’s bird-slash-fish romance was bizarre, boring and ran too long, but an interview with Kristen Wiig’s Nancy Pelosi and Jason Sudeikis’s John Boehner was a highlight. Similarly, the cold open featuring Fred Armisen’s Mayor Bloomberg responding to New York City’s recent snowstorms was topical and spot-on, once again proving that “SNL” shines when it focuses on politics and current events.

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