After a grueling five week competition, four of the nation’s most talented fashion designers showcase their collections at New York Fashion Week. The heat of the stress is definitely palpable, as Kini, Amanda, Charkita and Sean race for the winning title.

Project Runway

Season Finale

However, Tim Gunn feels the need to recap too much for us, detailing Kini’s harsh critique to rehashing the drama with Charkita. Regardless, the designers remind us how their toil, sacrifice and dedication are easily relatable to viewers.

Come runway time, Amanda showcases her “boho chic” style, while Char shows a collection of more street than luxury runway. Kini displays his impeccable pleats and sophisticated denim — aweing us with his ability to recreate his work in only two days, but overwhelming us with an excess of ideas. Finally, Sean’s fringe collection demonstrates the cohesiveness the judges asked for, in what Nina Garcia calls the “most editorial” of collections.

After the success of the runway, the judges’ critiques proceed to take up the remaining airtime, in simply a reiteration of comments. After three separate rounds of deliberation, viewers are left more bored than excited for the reveal. Is this their way of creating anticipation, or simply building impatience?

The ultimate decision is a toss-up between Amanda and Sean, but Sean and his fringe train emerge as the strongest NYFW collection combined with continuous success throughout the season. Surprisingly though, the celebration of the winner is meant to be a joyous occasion that also commends the other final designers, this finale ends more dismally. The other contestants all burst into a fit of (happy?) tears in a damper to what is supposed to be a happy day.

Regardless, Season 13 waves “Auf Wiedersehen!” and hopefully a “see you soon” to next season.

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