There’s nothing more fun than a wedding episode. Love, laughter, deceit: It’s all there.



“Revenge” offers up the Graysons, taking another stab at “marital bliss.” Because, really, what would Conrad and Victoria do without each other?

They are the perfect match in deceptions and we know they secretly — or not so secretly, Victoria, you dirty bastard — get a thrill each time they wipe a smug smile off the other’s face. Conrad’s arrest and Victoria’s glee solidify the perfect ending to a loveless, delectable farce.

Emily invented a cover-up for the Scar Incident to throw nosy Mason off the scent and still managed to whip together a party dress that sizzles almost as hot as the sparks of sexual chemistry flinging everywhere.

There’s plenty blazing with the deliciously British Aiden and some latent zings from Daniel as well, though he’s suffering under Ashley’s wet blanket of a personality. Even her scheming with Conrad couldn’t make her any less forgettable.

With Nolan churning out one-liners and Emily going strong on the scheming front, “Revenge” put on a dazzling wedding charade and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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