CBS’s smash hit is known for serving up laughs and tears simultaneously, and Monday’s episode was no different as we revisited Ted and Robin’s romance for what seemed to be the final time.

How I Met Your Mother

Season 7
“No Pressure”

While it may be seen as a regression to some viewers, the storyline concluded nicely: Ted and Robin will never be together — even if they both end up single at age 40. Amid this decision came a realization for Ted: Robin and Barney’s feelings for each other still exist beneath the surface, and it’s something he can’t compete with.

As Ted sorted out his feelings for Robin, Barney set his sights on uncovering Marshall and Lily’s sex tape. While ransacking their house, he instead comes across their “Long Term Bets Box,” a promising gag that involves the Eriksens privately gambling on the fates and futures of all their friends.

“No Pressure” packed an emotional punch, delving into and ultimately resolving one of the show’s major relationships. The episode ended with a poignant metaphor: a sea of yellow umbrellas symbolizing the quest for the titular Mother, a journey that Ted (and we as an audience) are finally ready to begin.

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