Sunday’s episode of CBS’s delicious legal frolic, “The Good Wife,” brought little in the way of plot, but a whole lot in the way of setting up for next week’s installment.

The Good Wife

Season 3
“Bitcoin for Dummies”

The guest appearance by Jason Biggs was rather tame for the “American Pie” alum, and the tremendous amount of techno-mumbo-jumbo left us all gently snoring … until the snappy ending whipped our heads right off the backs of our sofas.

That sly fox at the District Attorney’s office, putting Kalinda — the reigning favorite of the show (who can beat her insightful one-liners?) — in such an impossible situation:

Does she tamper with Will’s case files in an effort to save her burgeoning re-friendship with Alicia?

Does she simply hand over exactly what the DA is asking for without so much as a whimper?

Intrigue is rampant, and that’s why it’s so easy to love “The Good Wife.” Greed, deception, sex scandals, lies — no matter what, it hooks you.

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