After one hell of an elevator slam down, drag-out punching match and the subsequent heated definitely-not-make-up-sex, we finally see why Kalinda and her husband’s relationship is so, ahem, volatile. Marc Warren is just one of the guest stars squezed into this season, and we’ll all be waiting for Kalinda to just shoot him already.

The Good Wife

“I Fought the Law”

In terms of the case of the week (an unlawful, fake drug bust on Zach’s car), it’s a bit of a snooze. At Lockhart Gardner, there’s a bankruptcy cloud hovering. Nathan Lane is sent in, as a judge-appointed trustee. He kills it as stodgy, slightly threatening Clarke Hayden.

While there’s not enough Cary or Eli and way too much Kristin Chenoweth, “The Good Wife” premieres with absolute style and as usual, an excellent and well-placed soundtrack. Peter’s race for Governor is heating up and getting personal, Will’s finally free of his six-month probation and Alicia still hasn’t decided between the two. Here’s hoping for more simmering, always-just-beneath-the-surface tension and badass lawyering all around.

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