This week, “Glee” bounced back from its “Rocky Horror” tribute with an episode exploring sexuality and returning to the good old days of boys vs. girls mash-ups. In true season one style, Kurt (Chris Colfer) doesn’t pass up the chance to spy on a rival glee club from an all-boys academy, but stumbles upon a friend, mentor and potential boyfriend in the club’s lead singer, Blaine (‘U’ alum Darren Criss).


Never Been Kissed

Criss’s performance was the highlight of the episode, with an all-male a cappella rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” that will remain stuck in heads for a while, along with his courageous advice for Kurt.

“Never Been Kissed” stands out in a truthfully rocky season. Still, the episode contained only four musical numbers, which is too few for a show that people watch mostly for song and dance. It made these four numbers count with a memorable hair band mash-up from the glee club girls and a tuxedo-clad girl-power mix from the boys, and the a cappella number was a refreshing treat that the show should take more advantage of. More Darren Criss would be much appreciated.

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