Dexter Morgan just can’t catch a break. The moment he thinks he’s ridden the world of an evil serial killer (not him — someone else) he comes home to find (GIANT SPOILER ALERT) his wife Rita dead in the bathtub.

“Dexter” season five

“My Bad”

Season five shows us a vulnerable, confused, and even emotional Dexter, but is that really the hero anyone wants from the dark opus? In every episode of Dexter, there needs to be some sense of real danger. There’s always an emotional journey, sure, but there’s also that element of action and suspense that keeps viewers hooked and worrying for Dexter’s well-being. For an entire episode to follow the dismemberer’s emotional journey leaves the show feeling a little empty. If you stopped watching five minutes into the episode then tuned back in for the final scene, you wouldn’t have missed anything important. If the entire season is going to be full of Dexter changing his mind and ending up back where he started, it’ll be a pointless hole in the series’ otherwise stellar run.

But plot stagnancy aside, the writing is still solid and brooding, and Quinn is finally getting a chance to both hook up with Deborah (finally!) and make himself a notable presence on the police force. This just better not be another season of pure Dexter-hunting.

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