Before “In the Beginning,” the Dexter team said, “Let there be Lumen,” and she was good. But by this week, Julia Stiles’s role as Dexter’s vengeful partner in crime has worn its welcome. She continues to serve almost no purpose except making Dexter (Michael C. Hall) re-explain all his methodology that fans already know.


“In the Beginning”

To the show’s credit, the storylines are being weaved together more intricately than in any prior season. All of the relationships, whether they be professional, familial or intimate, serve some purpose in the grand and imminent climax.

But looking at each plot on its own, things have moved too slowly and predictably. Season villain Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) is setting a complex trap rather than taking care of business the simple, murderous way. General menace Stan Liddy (Peter Weller) has learned some pretty damn compromising information, but is just sitting on it. The only breakthrough is the newfound intimacy between Lumen and Dexter — but it doesn’t feel believable coming so soon after Lumen’s trauma.

“In the Beginning” goes to show that building tension does not always make for entertaining television. With so little time in the season, the shit needs to start hitting the fan soon.

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