March 15 was a lot of things: the start of an epic St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the scene of apocalyptic tornados and thunderstorms in Ann Arbor and most importantly, the day that the cultishly adored “Community” returned.


Season 3

This episode touched upon everything that makes “Community” appealing: bizarre characters, pop culture references and random plot developments. But the episode succeeded without going over the top, allowing new viewers to find their footing at Greendale while also inviting old friends back to the campus.

In the hiatus-ending episode, Andre re-proposes to Shirley, which sets the plot into motion and reminded us why we’ve missed “Community” for four months. Within every bizarre storyline are genuine characters trying to find their way in the mess of the world. This episode provided comedy, emotional clarity and sincere authenticity, which is everything we expect from the Greendale gang — and a return to television that’s this good only bodes well for the future (cough cough six seasons and a movie).

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