Showtime always provides an excellent cast of characters and amazing cinematographic style, but lately narrative hasn’t been its strong suit. Up until its season finale, “The Big C” has followed the mold with a less-than-stellar premise that’s been done before: the angry suburban housewife.

“The Big C”

“Taking the Plunge”

For 12 episodes, Cathy (Laura Linney) has been a defeated and self-victimized bitch who can’t get past the idea she has cancer. But in “Taking the Plunge,” after the suicide of her friend Marlene, Cathy finally finds a new lease on life, ultimately giving new life to the series. Instead of being defeated and angry, Cathy becomes more inviting and loving, now determined to fight her cancer.

This season finale introduces her best friend’s pregnancy with her homeless brother, and her son’s discovery of her cancer. All of this is very emotional and real, yet leaves viewers wanting more.

Cathy and her family are everyday people struck with tragedy; the developments in the final episode aren’t so over-the-top that they couldn’t happen in real life. Let’s hope Showtime keeps it that way and doesn’t sign away its fate to insane plots.

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