For students with football tickets, the
most important changes that occur inside the Big House are usually
on the scoreboard. Last Saturday, however, the welcomed changes
were behind the bleachers of sections 26, 28 and 30. At these
locations, for the first time this football season, students were
able to use Entree Plus to pay for concessions. A good deal of the
credit for this move goes to the Michigan Student Assembly for
responding to a student issue and advocating successfully for
change. MSA President Angela Galardi hopes to convince the athletic
department to extend the program through next year and perhaps
expand it to include Yost Ice Arena. Unfortunately, this may not be
permanent, with the fate of Entree Plus at the Big House next year
still up in the air.

Fundamentally, Michigan Stadium is a perfect environment for
Entree Plus. Aside from being convenient, Entree Plus is for many
students their only option at stadium concession stands. With
Entree Plus, parents and students have a reliable and safe way to
budget specifically for games and other situations where meal
credits aren’t accepted.

This was a system that was implemented last year at the stadium
with mixed results. While the program was popular with students,
there were organizational and financial problems that prompted its
removal at the start of the current season. Students who used
Entree Plus the previous year were forced to either cough up the
cash or go hungry and more seriously, thirsty during the hot
early-season games. Worse, there was little communication between
the administration and the student body concerning the impending
move, and as a result, many students were not aware that the
program had been axed until after they already arrived for the
first game.

Now that the service is back at Michigan Stadium, students need
to encourage MSA to find ways to continue and expand the scope of
Entree Plus. MSA should be commended for bringing back a popular
student program, and students should be pleased that the MSA
president is working to meet their needs. Given the current budget
crisis, the administration may claim there is no funding for
projects like Entree Plus at sporting arenas. However, this is one
of the few issues that the student body wholeheartedly embraces,
and should be a high priority in both student government and among
University administrators.

While the administration should be praised for listening to and
meeting student demands, its long-term commitment to the program is
suspect. Without continued support for the program, the Big House
may once again be without Entree Plus. MSA needs to suggest with a
long-term plan for the continuation of this service. The work is
not done yet, but with student involvement and advocacy, hopefully
Entree Plus will continue to thrive and to serve hungry









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