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Emma Watson was recently confirmed for all seven “Harry Potter” films. (Courtesy of Warner Bros)

The Anna Nicole Smith mystery has been solved – or at least the Florida police think so. Monday morning’s release of autopsy results indicated that Smith died of an accidental overdose of prescription medication, methadone, valium, sleeping pills and anti-depression medicines among them. Despite Smith’s reported fever on the day of her death, the medical examiner found “no evidence of disease”; it has been noted, however, that Smith opted not to seek medical attention for the sake of privacy when her flu-like symptoms worsened shortly before her death.


The independent film “Wristcutters: A Love Story” is making waves on the hipster-movie scene, but one suicide prevention group fails to see realistic or honest messages embedded in the film’s dark humor. The group contesting the film’s billboard ads – depicting suicide attempts – argues that suicide and mental illness deserve to be treated as serious subjects. Producer Courtney Solomon refuses to pull the ads.


Despite confusion surrounding Emma Watson‘s commitment to all seven “Harry Potter” films as Harry’s right-hand girl Hermione Granger, Warner Bros. confirmed Watson will remain a vital part of the cast for the entire series. The fifth movie, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” is set for release on July 13.


If you thought Paris Hilton was a virgin – you idiot! – think again. Randy Spelling, Tori Spelling’s less-than-attractive (apparently not asexual) brother, was recently quoted saying he was Hilton’s first when she was 15. The short-lived relationship reportedly lasted about a week afterward, when Hilton called it quits.


Finally, Ashton Kutcher‘s legacy as the creator and host of MTV’s “Punk’d” will come to an end after the fifth and last season of the hit celebrity-prank show, scheduled to begin on April 10. New feature stars will include Hilary Swank, Nelly Furtado and country singer Jewel – we can only imagine what Kutcher has in store for them.


Hillary Clinton will appear on Comedy Central’s vitriolic cartoon series “South Park” as the centerpiece of a political rally, but response to the show will likely take time to trickle in. After a controversial depiction of Tom Cruise’s adherence to Scientology last year, Isaac Hayes – the sex-funk-baritone voice of Chef – quit the show for going overboard. And for “South Park,” that says a lot.

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