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Britney Spears when we loved her. (Courtesy of Zomba)

Apparently movie posters featuring Elisha Cuthbert being abducted, tortured, incarcerated and/or possibly killed is not okay. Billboards advertising for the upcoming film “Captivity” – in which Cuthbert is, um, held captive – have been taken down from more than 30 billboards and 1400 Big Apple taxis in New York and L.A., E!online reports. Film company After Dark, who produced the flick, said the wrong poster designs were sent to the printer. It was simply a gruesome – and expensive – mistake.


Britney Spears spent $21 million of her $32 million fortune in the last two years and may file for bankruptcy after she leaves rehab – or so the Daily Star claims. But then again, this is the same “publication” that says she was spotted making out in the bushes with another patient. “They weren’t having sex but there was some definite groping,” the Star’s source reported. Excellent.


Former SPIN bigwig Sia Michel – one of the first women to edit a national American rock magazine (and arguably the sexiest, according to her fans and various Chuck Klosterman tomes) – will now be the pop music editor at the New York Times. Michel’s promotion from occasional NYT contributor comes after the departure of culture editor Tom Kuntz (real name) to the Week in Review.


“Excellent Adventure” and “Speed” jokes are popping up everywhere: Keanu Reeves allegedly hit a photographer with his car earlier this week. Reeves was pulling his Porsche out of a parking space when he brushed a paparazzo, according to the L.A. sheriff’s department said in a statement Tuesday. The man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance but the extent of his injuries remain unknown and no charges were pressed.


According to Monday’s London Times and IMDb.com, outsourcing subtitle translations to countries like India and Malaysia has resulted in heated controversy. Individual lines are being consistently botched, ruining punch-lines, creating nonsensical phrases and committing accidental insults. In “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” one of Uma Thurman’s lines about a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment was translated as “We hold the highest standards for sexual harassment.”

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