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“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker unveiled her own fashion line yesterday. (Courtesy of HBO)

“Beverly Hills 90210” alum and reality-television staple Tori Spelling officially became a mother this past Tuesday with the birth of her first child. Liam Aaron McDermott was born at six pounds, six ounces and arrived in the early hours of the morning at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The birth may bring Tori closer to her estranged mother, Tori’s brother Randy said.


Angelina Jolie is cradle robbing again – no, not like the dudes at Phi Psi. The Ministry of Justice’s International Adoption Department in Vietnam confirmed Jolie will acquire her fourth child sooner than expected. The surprise announcement was because Jolie had already been involved with the child in question for several months now. It’s interesting to see what $20 million a movie and an Oscar can get people these days.


Britney, are you paying attention? Lindsay Lohan‘s father, Michael Lohan, was released from prison yesterday after a two-year stint for a disastrous D.U.I. The former stockbroker has tried to make amends for past behavior and intends to become an ordained minister and reality-TV star. How ironic – is this really a Lohan we’re talking about?


“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker launched her new fashion line this week. The clothing label, called “Bitten,” premiered its clothing line yesterday to an elite group of fashion editors. As for pricing, availability and styles, no one knows exactly what Parker intends to do with her clothes. But unlike HBO’s hit series, the public won’t have to listen to Parker pout about what to wear this time.


Two of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s bodyguards were arrested in Israel this week after a spat with the paparazzi. The two men kicked at a photographer and were subsequently taken into custody by local officials. DiCaprio has yet to speak on the incident. Who needs bodyguards anyway – didn’t he protect himself pretty well in “The Departed?”


Snoop Dogg using drugs? No way. Well, according to Swedish authorities, Snoop was arrested for possibly using illegal narcotics on Monday morning. After a gig in Stockholm, Snoop was stopped by the local police, where he was found surrounded by intoxicated women. Soon after, police tested Snoop for drugs and let him go. The results of the test will be announced in two weeks.


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