Will Smith is recovering from a strained shoulder injury suffered on the set of his new film, “I Am Legend.” Smith received treatment at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. His spokeswoman claimed the injury is “not something major or life-threatening,” but failed to indicate whether the irony of the film’s title had done any damage to the actor’s trademark hubris.


Wannabe reality “star” Jason Wahler (“The Hills,” “Laguna Beach”) has pleaded no contest to battery charges in Los Angeles after punching a tow-truck driver while inebriated. Wahler has been sentenced to 60 days in prison and will also be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and anger management classes.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wish to add another child to their already growing brood. A Vietnam official confirmed Jolie has begun filing the preliminary papers necessary to adopt a child from Vietnam. Angelina apparently wishes to adopt a child from Vietnam to “balance the races” in her household. Raising children and interior design have never been so closely related.


Former pop star Lance Bass plans to pen his own autobiography. According to Bass, he plans to reveal all about “his life, his music and his sexuality”; sadly, there will be no mention of an ‘NSYNC reunion. The book is slated to be in stores by October.


Nicole Richie was hospitalized for dehydration while filming “The Simple Life.” Never one to be slowed down by health concerns, Richie was reportedly in the hospital for a total of 15 minutes before being released.


Maybe it’s time for Naomi Campbell to lay off the drugs. The famously aggressive supermodel pleaded guilty to assaulting a former maid and will now be forced to swallow her pride. A Manhattan Criminal Court official confirmed Campbell would be required to mop floors at a Sanitation Department warehouse on the Lower East Side from March 19 to 23. Fun.


For those of you clamoring for more Star Jones in your life, she’ll host her own show this summer on Court TV. The show has been described as a mix of criminal justice and pop culture and will be a homecoming of sorts for Jones, who was a longtime lawyer before fate intervened and set her up as co-host on Barbara Walter’s “The View.”


After 66 years of fighting crime in the name of the stars and stripes, Captain America finally met his comic-book demise in the lens of a sniper as he left a courthouse, according to the New York Daily News. While the news crushed the Captain’s 93-year-old co-creator Joe Simon – “We really need him now,” he told the paper – there’s a Captain America film in the works.

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