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Former Michigan football golden boy Tom Brady was embroiled in scandal this week as actress Bridget Moyhanan announced she was pregnant with his child. Moynahan allegedly waited to reveal her pregnancy, citing that she “wanted to wait to the very last minute.” Us Weekly reported that a friend said Brady was “blindsided” by the announcement, and felt it was unfair of Moynahan to have withheld the information.


As if one pouty-attractive-doctor-show wasn’t enough, ABC announced plans earlier this week to create a spin-off program based upon the network’s hit medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.” Kate Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, is being given her own series, which is set to debut in May sweeps.


Everybody has a price – even the Muppets. This week, The Weinstein Company purchased seminal Muppet characters Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Big Bird and many more. Chairman Harvey Weinstein said he considered it “one of the most important acquisitions I’ve ever been involved with.” But what happens to Kermit and Miss Piggy? They’re still controlled by former Weinstein partner Disney.


Was Sylvester Stallone really as naturally muscular as he seemed in last year’s “Rocky Balboa”? Australian police suggested otherwise when they stopped Stallone at customs for a routine search, finding packages of what might have been HGH. When authorities came to charge him later at his hotel, witnesses said Stallone and his entourage were seen throwing items out a window.


Viacom announced the upcoming launch of Joost, their “cool,” “crazy” and “hip” new website for videos from the company. Paramount films and all cable network programs under Viacom will make exclusive content available. Understandably, Viacom removed all trademarked material off of YouTube two weeks ago. Let’s just hope we don’t have to pay for it. Because that’s like, stupid.


This week, Yoko Ono pulled the plug on an upcoming documentary about the life of John Lennon. “Working Class Hero” was to debut with candid interviews of Ono and Lennon’s former wife Cynthia, who blamed her and John’s divorce on drugs and Ono. The London Sun reported Ono was fully supportive of the project up until recent weeks. Ono is yet to make a statement.


“Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” was pulled off the air this week because of sinking ratings. “60,” once predicted to be a hit NBC sitcom recently had dropped to its lowest ratings yet of only 6 million viewers, will be replaced with the new crime drama, “The Black Donnelys.”

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