Enrique, sans his trademark mole, has more than just a new
image: He’s apparently discovered a deeper appreciation of
the booty. With racier lyrics and a largely recycled style,
Iglesias’ upcoming album, 7, will surely win the
hearts of club-going groupies and budding teen hormones alike. Yet
its overstated emphasis on the overtly sexual kills some of the old
Enrique charm.

Mira Levitan

Throughout the album, certain guitar riffs and synthesized
background melodies are reminiscent of good ole ’80s pop
rock. At times, one expects to hear the screeching tones of Boy
George or Cyndi Lauper only to be presented with Iglesias’
lulling drone. Still, the small stylistic change is a slight
improvement on other songs, which seem more like replicas of
previous hits, such as the overplayed “Hero.”

7 bypasses the seductive love ballads Iglesias is known
for and instead dives right into booty music. With lyrics like
“Have I told you how good it feels to be me when I’m in
you?” from “Addicted” and “You’re
more than just a one-night stand / And girl with your permission /
Baby you can give me your hand” from “The Way You Touch
Me,” Iglesias tests uncharted waters with his modest

The new album should fare fine in the dance scene. The music
undoubtedly has a luring beat, which seems perfectly designed for
club action. Despite its lack of original content, 7 makes a
decent, if not wholesome, attempt to catch the listener’s
attention. After all, if a few dirty lyrics can win Britney back
her popularity, why shouldn’t Enrique get in on it too?

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