1. University President Mary Sue Coleman opened the September Board of Regents meeting by praising the generosity of Steven Ross’ $200 million gift and highlighting the world record crowd at the University of Notre Dame game, as well as the first-ever quintuplets born at the University Hospital.

“We’ve had a September unlike anything I believe we’ve ever experienced,” Coleman said.

2. James Holloway, University vice provost for global and engaged education, provided regents with recent highlights of the University’s study abroad programs, as well as data on the University’s international student population.

“We need students to be saying to themselves not ‘I wonder if I should go abroad.’ We need our students to be saying ‘I wonder when I will study abroad,’ ” Holloway said.

3. Construction planning will begin for a renovation of the School of Education, which was built in 1923. Tim Slottow, the University’s executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer, said the project is set for completion in fall of 2015.

“This is long overdue,” Slottow said.

4. Effective Oct. 1, the Division of Student Affairs will be renamed the Division of Student Life to better convey the office’s core mission when communicating with organizations outside the University, E. Royster Harper, Vice President of Student Affairs, said.

“We think it will remain with us in our future efforts in respect to the capital campaign,” Harper said.

5. The regents also approved the sale of 51 acres of property to NSF International, a non-profit organization that verifies health and safety standards, for $3.52 million.

6. Jerry May, the University’s vice president of development, provided an update to the regents just two months before the next capital campaign is set to launch. May said in the fiscal year preceding the official launch, the University received gifts from 129,000 donors — a University record. A record number of those gifts came in amounts less than $25,000.

“I want to emphasize how important it is to get the small gifts and this was the best year ever,” May said

7. The Board of Regents approved an $11.4-million renovation of the Ford Nuclear Reactor Building on North Campus. Decommissioned in 2004, the project will repurpose the former nuclear site into classrooms and laboratories for the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department.

8. After asking the regents to consider the concerns of his constituents regarding the new Munger Residence Hall, CSG President Michael Proppe discussed the new student committee formed to advise the Presidential Search Committee.

“The student body is taking the search very seriously. I urge you to take our input just as seriously,” Proppe said.

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