Proving that Anthony Kennedy might as well be the only U.S. Supreme Court justice, another decision was upheld because the court couldn’t break the 4-4 partisan split without Kennedy. The decision forced New York City to pay for private schooling for disabled students who aren’t enrolled in public school.

One-man show

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Oops, redo

Because a reporter for The Jackson Citizen-Patriot revealed the topics for this year’s writing section of the middle school MEAP test, the state is forcing thousands of students to retake the test, in order to satisfy No Child Left Behind. It’s only hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted money. Not like the state could use it.

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Moving to the ivy league

Only a month after the Jena 6 in Louisiana made national news, a noose was hung outside the door of a professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Looks like even racist and inflammatory pranksters make it out high school. They even get into the Ivy League.

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Finding a legacy in palestine

What do you do when you are an outgoing president struggling to secure a legacy? Try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of course. Following in the footsteps of the Clinton administration, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is now spurring peace talks forward with American might.

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Calling it what it is

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee angered the Turks by approving a controversial resolution to label the 1915 mass killings of Armenians “genocide”. If the House is now on an ethics streak of calling things as they are, what is the war in Iraq? A civil war? What about the genocide in Darfur?

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Trick or treat?

Halloween this year may promise a different gore fest than the usual horror-movie fare. After he snagged a Nobel Prize, Democrats still living in the year 2000 are hoping to bring their Tennessee savior, Al Gore, back to steal the show from Hillary Clinton.

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