2 – Voting for Futility

Michigan Student Assembly elections are today and tomorrow. You probably don’t care, but you should. This is your chance to select a representative who will protect your interests, someone who will work to add lighting on campus, lower textbook prices and extend Entrée Plus to off-campus restaurants. Representatives have been promising to achieve these same goals for years, but if they actually got anything done, what would their platform be?

6 – M Go EASY

The venerable Ann Arbor News used valuable page space typically dedicated to coverage of middle school principal scandals and Marshmallow Peeps dioramas to publish a four-part series this week investigating academics for Michigan student-athletes. The series revealed many startling facts, including that many athletes don’t work too hard in school and that Athletic Department officials might bend the rules to help them get by. Don’t let the series worry you too much, though. The News will be back with more Peeps dioramas soon.

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