Sleeping around on the job
Newt Gingrich admitted last week that he had an affair while leading the Republican push to impeach former President Clinton over the Lewinski sex scandal. Maybe Gingrich’s impeachment efforts would have borne more fruit if he hadn’t been too busy chasing tail around Capitol Hill.
Rating: 4

Aborting his chances
Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani took a hit this week after a 1989 video of the former NYC mayor calling for publicly funded abortions surfaced on the Internet. Now all Giuliani needs to do to secure the Republican nomination is come out for same-sex marriage.
Rating: 6

Political purges
Eight former federal prosecutors testified in Washington about their suspicious and abrupt dismissals. Most of the Republican appointees said they were sacked after they refused requests from GOP congressmen to speed up investigations targeting Democrats.
Rating: 8

Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes is licking his wounds this week. Liberal bloggers persuaded the New Mexico Democratic Party to cancel Fox’s sponsorship of an upcoming presidential primary debate.Ailes was shocked that his powerful conservative network had been outfoxed by bloggers.
Rating: 5

Cleaning up the sulfur
A group of Mayan priests conducted ritual cleansing ceremonies at several Guatemalan archeological sites after President Bush visited them last week. Priests said it was necessary to purify the sites after Bush’s visit so that the ancestors could rest in peace.
Rating: 1

Outsourcing corruption
Oil supplies giant Haliburton announced it is moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai. Apparently the embattled Bush administration was simply no longer competitive in the global corruption and no-bid contract markets.
Rating: 3

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