If they won’t buy, sue
Students are some of the last people in the country listening to music released by major record labels, and they aren’t paying for the songs. The Recording Industry Association of America is readying its legal artillery, so watch out.
Rating: 2

With opportunities like these
Gov. Granholm called the news that a major bank was moving its headquarters out of the state an “opportunity to attract banks who want to headquarter here.” Maybe the Gov. will consider it a success if a payday advance shop occupies the Detroit offices vacated by Comerica.
Rating: 6

Now cheney’s seen it all
Vice President Dick Cheney’s trip to Afghanistan got off to a dramatic start when a suicide bomber attacked the airbase where he was. The VP walked away unscathed.
Rating: 5

Jesus in three easy payments
Producer James Cameron found the one thing that makes a bigger splash than the Titanic: Jesus’ tomb. His upcoming show begs the question: Can you run commercials for Oxy Clean during a TV show purporting to solve a mystery of faith?
Rating: 4

Blacker than thou
Fending off charges that he is “not black enough,” presidential hopeful Barack Obama spoke about civil rights in Alabama. Just a few hundred yards away, Hillary Clinton, whose husband was sometimes referred to as the first black president, tried to portray herself as the candidate of black Americans.
Rating: 4

It could be worse
Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff I. Lewis Libby was convicted of obstructing justice. The upside for Libby is that a 25-year prison sentence is a good excuse to get out of dove hunting trip with the V.P. this spring.
Rating: 7

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